Great Gatsby Essay

A tale about a man living the American dream that resulted in death, and another in regards to a twenty three old alcoholic and drug rouler and how this individual copes with rehabilitation in a twelve steps-oriented treatment Center. A story with regards to a man who have spends six weeks in rehab and does not have hope to live, against a person who is living to fulfill his dreams and desires. Though both of these tales may seem like they have nothing at all in common, they are doing have a great deal of similarities. " The Great Gatsby" and " A Million Little Pieces" are both novels which may have characters whom live in a new where friends are loyal to each other, how love plays a big part and results a person in a advantages or disadvantages way, and where issues are confronted on an everyday life.

The Loyalty in friendship in both works of fiction, " The fantastic Gatsby" and " A Million Little Pieces" play a major role in the comparison of every. Characters just like Nick Caraway and Leonard are both characters who have proven loyalty and demonstrated their true camaraderie for certain others throughout the books. " We spent my personal Saturday evenings in Ny because all those gleaming…Probably it absolutely was some last guest who was simply away with the ends in the Earth and didn't understand that the party was over. " (Chapter 7) Nick is talking about the consequences after Gatsby's death. Chip was just spending his Saturday nights in New York around Gatsby's residence because he remains affected a lot by it and he understands no one otherwise really cares. This proves how even though everyone else shifted with their personal lives, having been still attached to Gatsby due to friendship he had with him. In " A Million Little Pieces" Wayne has a friend named Leonard who wants to help him start up a new lifestyle by first increasing his current health circumstance. " Assurance that you'll try… Trying cannot hurt youngster. " (p. g 108) When James was about to leave the clinic Leonard follows him to the doors and makes him stay because he believes in him and Leonard knows he can help repair him. They are both similar in the manner...

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