Television Ingestion Research Newspaper

Thesis: The overabundance of tv consumption features raised developmental concerns in youth today, by creating health issues, risky and violent behaviors, as well as a confusion of fantasy versus reality.

One of the growing problems on how television set affects kids today is the effects of food advertising on the health and fitness over the past few years. Various know that the food purpose is meant to fulfill the body's basic healthy needs. There are many different kinds of foods to choose from in the five foods groups. Of these five food groups firms develop and formulate foods to be sold into a manufacturer (Nefat, Benazic', 2011). Advertising companies realize that children are an even more reachable marketplace due to the usage habits are generally adaptable at the begining of childhood and preferences to certain brands will be encourage by their mature life (Livingstone, Helsper, 2004). The best ways to advertise the numerous designs of food is usually to create tv set commercials. Tv set is the easiest method to deliver the message that advertiser desires to get across. On a weekly basis the average child wristwatches about seventeen hours of television by which, that kid will see usually, about 28 commercials each day which is regarding 71% of programming period slot (Ofcom, 2004). For this reason there is a excessive consumption of any high calorie diet which includes resulted in an increase of unhealthy weight in small children, creating likelihood of illness and disease (Caroli, Argentieri, Cardone, Masi, 2004). Advertisers work with numerous levels of ways to lure children to actually want to buy right into a particular merchandise. The best way promoters go about this process is by offering incentives to get the product being advertise, like offering a toy or a prize, to excite your child, making the kid desire to have the item being publicized. Some of the most recent research has linked television promoting to children's health and obesity. Television is definitely

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