Essay upon Teenage Being pregnant

IV. Challenges of Teenage Motherhood A. Parenthood Options B. Continuing Education C. Financial Problems V. Realization Teenage pregnancy is a major concern in the current society; there are numerous ways to prevent teenage being pregnant, many individuals to get tips from, and many decisions a teenage mother or father must make. The information tell the U. H. has the top rate of teen pregnant state Teen Motherhood

Teen Pregnancy & Child-rearing You take a seat there tight, your face is turning cherry red, the eyes are fixed on the small white machine, and you seem like the puzzle is... and births. " More than four out of ten small women become pregnant at least once on the verge of the age of 20-nearly one billion dollars a year" (Teen Pregnancy Facts and Stats 1). Teenage pregnancy has declined slowly but steadily. " These new declines change the 24-percent rise in the teenage delivery rate from 1986 to 1991" (Teen Pregnancy Information and Stats 1). Usually only one-third of young mothers obtain a high school diploma. The rest of the moms usually end Teen Motherhood

You stay there tense, your face can be turning cherry wood red, your eyes are set on the little white equipment, and you feel like the suspense is getting rid of you, two minutes... on welfare. " A majority of both boys and girls who also are sexually active want they had waited. Eight in ten ladies and 6 in five boys state they want they had waited" (Teen Motherhood Facts and Stats 1). Many people are concerned about the problems adolescent parents and their children encounter. The health risks for a teenage girl who also becomes pregnant increase greatly. One of the problems of young mothers is a health risk. Usually youthful women have Teen Pregnant state

Teen Pregnancy Over the past twenty years, the rates of teen pregnancy have raised dramatically. In line with the Prevention of Teen Being pregnant, approximately every thirty-one mere seconds teenage pregnant in the... more complications in pregnancy than older girls. The most hazardous complication is usually low labor and birth weight. " One away of...

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