Realistic Concern in the Significance of Being Serious Essay


|Realistic Concern inside the Importance of Becoming Earnest | | | |外国语言文学院 张源 | |指导教师 张琼 | | | |Abstract: Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Schwanzgeile is a world-renowned master of aestheticism, whose masterpiece The value | |of Being Keen was regarded as a great achievement in the field of aestheticism. From my own point of view, from this work, Schwanzgeile not | |only talks about his idea of aestheticism: art is definitely above life, but likewise shows his critically practical concern to get the | |Victorian British society. | |The primary method of this kind of research is calcado analysis. Section One shall give a simple introduction pertaining to the assumptive study | |while Part Two and Chapter Three will focus on the textual study of twelve examples in The Importance of Being Serious. | |Finally a realization will be driven. | |Keyword:realism aestheticism beauty amoral | | | |Introduction | |Oscar Schwanzgeile (1854-1900) can be described as renowned Irish playwright, novelist and poet person, who is recognized for his masterpieces including The | |Importance to be Earnest, Woman Windermere's Lover, A Woman of No Importance and A perfect Husband, and so forth. The Importance | |of Being Earnest debuted on Feb 14, 1895 at the St . James' Theater in London to become an instant struck in England, | |running for eighty-six activities. The perform has remained the popularity since, vying with Wilde's 90 novel The | |Portrait of Dorian Gray while his most recognized work. The play proves vexing to critics, nevertheless, for it resists categorization, | |seeming to a few merely a cheap plot which serves as an excuse for Wilde's witty epigrams. To others it is just a " penetratingly | |humorous and useful social comedy”[1]. In 2002, a namesake video adaptation was launched in the United States and was | |again graciously welcomed by audience. | |As a drama well-liked by the readers and audience, The Importance of Being Solemn has covered almost every element of the English| |society in Victorian era, such as fans and partners, relatives and brothers, hosts and maids, men and women, old virgin | |and idling priest, such like and so forth. Due to Wilde's status, this work of art has received several comments. You will find | |many hot discussions on the libido, language, the aesthetic factors and the dandyism of the persona, etc . A lot of critics | |speak very of the job while others share their uncertainties. | |The Importance of Being Earnest, is mostly a episode about the idle existence of two young siblings living in the and the | |town respectively. The story is filled with humor and satire, as a result offering their readers and audience a laughable look at of the | |hypocrisy inside the English upper-class society with the Victoria age group. While having loved high well known in the lout society, | |this...

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