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п»їI. Launch

Everybody knows that a marketplace consists of sellers and buyers of a few commodity. With this thesis, we all assume the role of market owner. Our goal is to ensure that the market features certain attractive properties, which can include fairness, revenue optimization, and so on. All of us achieve these kinds of properties simply by designing rules for how buyers and sellers can perform transactions. В We explore a range of new problems that have occured from more modern markets. Like a partial requirement in ITM 411 we all created a Video rental resource management system. VRRMS(video rental resource management system) is in charged in handling the resources of any video rental business, through this system the video rental centre will be able to take full advantage of the profit and also have a trusted information that will manage the inventories and resources easier. This system all of us created is usually an application through the lessons all of us learned in ITM.

II. Purpose and Objectives

Our Online video Rental System strengthens the asset proceeds in the video store helping the video retail outlet to increase earnings. It assures REAL-TIME efficiency and always on track. And that exceeds with the customers requirement and improve the number of consumers. This Video Rental System is from an alternative to the traditional franchise movie leasing store. This lessens enough time spent on personally recording and managing their particular resources. This technique is designed to examine directly from the database all of the resources offered. III. Software program Project Summary

Our bodies deals with the management in the VCDs or perhaps DVDs. This lessens the company's manual works because it already does the managing process of the resources. We built a " logging in” form therefore the data's will be secured. We have a warning communication in case someone logged inside the wrong kind. As we enter the main form, a tab info is demonstrated. Movie list, Inventory, Purchase and are the tabs listed. Each tab has their main purpose. The Movie...

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