Of Mice and Guys, John Steinbeck: How does the killing of candy’s puppy relate to the killing of Lennie? What were the similarities among...

The killing of Candy's dog was linked to when George killed Lennie in several methods. First of all, both the dog and Lennie were weak, and killed as soon as they started to be useless for the society. Likewise, the dog was Candy's good friend, and Lennie was George's friend. In both situations, Slim seen the fatalities as whim killings. The final similarity was that both Sweets and George felt unhappy after the fatality of their friends. The difference is that Carlson murdered the dog to get selfish reasons, while George killed Lennie out of mercy. This was how the eliminating of the doggie relates to the killing of Lennie.

The society wanted both Lennie and the puppy dead when they were no longer useful to this. The dog was smelly and old, therefore it became unwanted by the contemporary society. Carlson explained " Our god awmighty, that dog smells. Get him outta in this article, Candy! I actually don't know practically nothing that smells as awful as a vintage dog. You gotta obtain him out. " (Pg. 45). This showed that even though he was probably conscious of the fact which the dog was Candy's close friend, he did not care. He only cared for about his own hobbies, which were to remove an old creature that was useless to him. This kind of showed his self-centeredness, as Carlson symbolized the contemporary society, it also confirmed how not willing the society was to understand its own vice. Slim stated " He's all rigid with rheumatism. He ain't no good for you, Candy. An' he isn't no good to himself. Why'n't you blast him, Chocolate? " (Pg. 45). This kind of displayed that Slim landscapes this like a mercy eliminating. He desired the dog lifeless for its individual good, never to satisfy his selfish needs. Since Thin was the god-like character inside the novel, he also conveyed the author's views on the niche. This showed that the creator saw that killing your canine with whim was a positive thing. He as well contrasted Sleek wanting to destroy the dog for mercy to Carslon eliminating the dog to get selfish causes. This confirmed that although the society tended to cover up killing items as if they did it pertaining to mercy.

However in reality, usually society killed things pertaining to selfish factors. The dog was important to Sweets because he was old, poor and lonesome. He was refused by the society because he a new broken palm and this made him poor and useless to this. The dog was his best friend, and when it had been killed this individual lost probably the most important things he had. He has known your canine for years, and possibly he would have associated this with very good memories with the past. Likewise, he did not have a great deal of future to look forward to. Thus, the dog was basically all he had. In such a way, the dog gave Candy a feeling of hope. Once Carlson proposed to get rid of the dog, Candies said " No . I actually couldn't do this. I had' em too much time. " (Pg. 45). This kind of showed that Candy appreciated the dog a lot, and to take it away from him might ruin him.

Lennie was important to George because he provided him desire and responsibility. Numerous moments George explained, " We have a future. We got somebody to talk to that gives a damn about us. We don't have to sit in no pub room blowin' in our jack port jus' mainly because we got no place else to visit. If them other guys gets in jail they will rot for a lot of anybody provides a damn. But is not us. " (Pg. 15). This resulted in while the other ranch hands had not look forward to, George and Lennie had a future planned. As well, George was responsible for Lennie. Since Lennie was struggling to take care of him self, it was George's job for this, but having been more careful with him self as a result of that. Instead of going to whorehouses and bars this individual saved their money for their fantasy, which was to " live off the fatta the lan', i. at the. buy their own ranch. Lennie and George knew one another for a long time, exactly like Candy great dog. This is enough time so they can develop trust. Lennie trusted George entirely. This was proven when Criminals asked what would happen to him in the event George by no means came back and Lennie said, " He won't take action. George didn't do nothing like that. I recently been with George a long time. He'll come back tonite. " (Pg. 71). Lennie was absolutely sure...

Bibliography: Steinbeck, John. Of Mice and Men. Penguin Books: Suffolk. 1994.

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