Essay on Jermuk 1

Statement drawn by: Ani Rafayelyan

Condurachi Madalina

Tatevik Arzumanyan

Faculty of Economics and Business Government


1 . Executive Summary

installment payments on your Company History

2 . 1 ) Assessing the corporation ability to expand internationally several. First step in the internationalization procedure

3. 1 . Export

3. a couple of General structure and the potential of foreign market

a few. 3 Evaluation of the market market

four. Franchise (PepsiCo, Carlsberg Group, Procter& Gamble)

5. Bottom line

6. Referrals

7. Appendix

1 . Exec Summary

Despite the success in the Armenian market, their small aspect and its proximity to maturity, led Jermuk Group to internationalize the strategy and grow offshore. After an attempt to internationalize in Ukraine, one regarded as Russia and China while high potential markets pertaining to Jermuk Group to succeed in, generally due to its size and untapped demand. Hence this survey presents the competitive evaluation of Jermuk in the local industry, followed by a macro-environmental analyze of Spain and the various other potential markets. As the competitors' analysis evidenced the potential for Jermuk, an implementation strategy is suggested through an roundabout export, franchising strategies and manufacture deals The survey first takes advantage of her company pr campaigns and advertising videos to illustrate the business history; in addition, it focuses on the key manufacturing process, export and franchises. Finally, it argues that Jermuk products can be considered a good competition on overseas markets, Russian federation, Georgia, His home country of israel, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, China included, as its items are both healthful and delicious. After the company success of those markets, it is going to strategically grow to UE markets.

installment payments on your Company Background

Jermuk Group is a landmark manufacturer and marketer of mineral and natural early spring water in Armenian industry. It is regarded as a respected and dependable company not simply by Armenian but also by overseas companies as well. Jermuk Group is a spouse for a number of world-known companies which can be represented in Armenia simply by Jermuk Group, such as PepsiCo, Carlsberg Group, Procter& Chance and others. The corporation was actually founded back in 1999. Some breakthrough in their history are shown below. 1999 – Foundation of Jermuk Group Company by Mr. Arsenyan. Construction of new refreshed factory in Jermuk Town close to number 1 in Armenia mineral origin. Number 1 producer of nutrient & springtime water in Armenia. 2003 – Jermuk Group sets up the HQ in Yerevan. Special contract with Carlsberg Group on transfer and division of their brands in Armenia. Launch of Baltika brand. 2004 – Takes Jermuk Armenia Spa Hotel in the heart of Jermuk City. 2006 – Exclusive contract with Procter& Gamble in import and distribution of P& G whole portfolio in Armenia. 2008 – Increasing of Jermuk factory services by investment to new constructions and modern technologies. Rapid development of Carlsberg Group brands. Launch of Carlsberg ale, Tuborg, etc . 2009 – Generates new making facilities for PET pre-forms production. 2010 – Contract for PepsiCo CSD brands operation.

2011 – PepsiCo manufacturing plant opening. Starts up Jermuk and Byuregh brands official division in Georgian market (establishment of Iberia Beverage). Launch of JermukMillenium soft sparkling.  Exclusive rights by Carlsberg Group for import and division of their brands on the territory of Georgia. ( The history demonstrates the Jermuk Group organization has ongoing its uninterrupted development as its very beginning up till now. The company has made every hard work to achieve increasingly more results during its background. The main process of the Jermuk Group business is manufacturing. They develop mineral (Jermuk) and spring(Byuregh) water along with PET preforms. Now we will present the primary manufacturing method.

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