Essay upon High Tea

1 . Precisely what is High Tea? Give one particular example of a menu high tea simply no same menu is allowed.

- A reasonably substantial food that includes tea and is dished up in the late evening or early evening.

2 . Give the great High Tea.

- The of " High Tea"

The Uk tradition of High Tea started in the core 1700s as an afternoon meal usually served between 3 and 4 o'clock. In the beginning, it was a meal for the working man, taken standing up or sitting on tall bar stools, thus 'high'. Tea with cakes, scones, even mozzarella cheese on toasted bread would have recently been served. Little by little, this afternoon meals became more known as an important event for the social calendars of Ladies and Gentlemen, rather than meal for the working person. For the 'Leisure Classes', High Tea served an acceptable purpose, enabling Ladies and Guy the opportunity of the substantial meal before participating the theatre, or perhaps playing cards. (It might be some time before Evening An evening meal could be used! ) It was around this period that one John Montagu, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, had the idea of placing meat and other fillings between two slices of loaf of bread. Thus, the High Tea sandwich was created. Courtesy of the British Empire, the tradition of High Tea distributed across the globe, arriving at The Carrington Hotel in the mid 1880's, where they have remained a popular event since.

3. What sort of service is completed in Excessive Tea? Clarify the 15 steps of service in High Tea.

- Services of " High Tea”

In malls and well-liked price restaurants a high tea may be available in addition to the total afternoon tea. It is usually within a modified Г la carte form and the menu offer, in addition to the typical full afternoon tea menu, such things as grills, toasted snacks, fish and meat dishes, salads, chilly sweets and ices. The meat meals normally consist in the main of pies and pastries, whereas the seafood dishes are usually fried or perhaps grilled.