First Solar Essay

Running mind: Capstone Task: First Sun, Inc.

Capstone Project: 1st Solar, Inc.

Executive Overview:

•Company & Product Summary:

oleading producer in photo voltaic solar themes and provider of solar solutions oSolar modules that consist of glass and radium telluride once combined convert sun light into electricity oComprehensive recycling program that salvages old parts and a great environmentally friends manufacturing process •Financial Examination:

oAn introduction to current one fourth end and extended ratios

oComparative crucial financial figures of Initially Solar's immediate competitors •External / Interior Environmental Elements:

oP. Elizabeth. S. T. analysis

operating-system. W. To. T analysis

•Competitive Evaluation:

oTarget Industry Segments

oMarketing Mix

oPosition vs . Competition

•Evaluation & Summary:

oConsolidated look at the information

oOpinion about companies long term success

oTechnological Innovation and upcoming affects

Firm & Item Overview:

" First Photo voltaic is a leading manufacturer in photovoltaic sun modules and provider of solar solutions. ” (First Solar, 2011) Through spending renewable electricity First solar power provides a viable alternative to energy at an economically and ecologically competitive value. By environment an environmental benchmark in response to fossil -fuel electric power First Sun has created a thorough recycling system and has created value through renewable energy alternatives.

As the application of fossil-fuels begin to diminish and grow unpopular due to the potentially harmful and irreversible environmental effects Initially Solar uses the considerable energy from the sun. By harnessing a sustainable and renewable energy origin First Sun strives to diminish the dependence of fossil-fuels and limit the green house gases which might be emitted inside the atmosphere. Employing solar energy as well as other renewable energy makes a long term technique to preserving global health and a sustainable ways to energy.

Support life Cycle

Product Design and style: Modules includes a front and back cover of laminated glass that are stressed analyzed with the " Hail Ball” test to ensure the modules and withstand golf ball size hail. The themes are also offer extensive 25+ year ruse endurance tests to ensure extended life. The semiconductors are very slender layers of photovoltaic cells which convert sunlight into electricity. (See Exhibit 1)

Material Finding: The semiconductor material can be primarily in the byproducts of mining procedures. The themes are made up of micron amounts of cadmium telluride. When the cadmium can be compounded and encapsulated it gives you optimal transforming of sun rays to electric power.

Making: First Solar's mission is always to work in combination with industries that enhance minimizing spend, clean air, drinking water treatment, sound waste collection and the core value of safety first. Through environmental responsibility 1st Solar looks to create long term relationships with businesses and stakeholders.

Product Use: The modules stand for a renewable source of clean energy which often will lessen harmful air emissions. These kinds of modules can represent 89% reduction of harmful exhausts if found in place of conventional energy era technologies.

Product Collection: As the modules come to the end of their lifestyle cycle First Solar supplies a convenient and free service to dismantle the units and recycles without additional cost to the customer.

Taking Process: After the unit is definitely collected First Solar sets them through a process when the salvage parts can be used again into fresh modules. The procedure includes shredding, hammer mill, film removing, solid-liquid parting, glass-laminate materials separation, glass rinsing, precipitation and dewatering. (See Demonstrate 2)

(Exhibit 1)(Exhibit 2)

Financial Analysis:

The current proportion suggests that First Solar produces $3 of current assets for every $1 of current...

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