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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. In the name of Jahve, Most Thoughtful and Merciful. If you notice through the recited terms you will know which i am a Muslim and let me introduce myself as Nor Laila Binti Hassan. This story starts from nineteenth century, whereby my ancestral who is of any Siamese cultural came from Siam or right now known as Thailand to settle down in Kedah (one from the state in North Malaysia) and hitched one of the locals. During that time Kedah was started to be affected by Islamic religion and culture and my forefathers with all their very own descendants had been all Muslims. They were noted among the villagers as to come from a religious friends and family. My wonderful grandfather is what they referred to as as the learned parents a. e. a Tok Guru. Tok Guru spreads the theories of Islam and a spiritual teacher and everybody in the town really highly regarded him. His name is Tuan Haji Yaacob bin Sibar. He had a daughter and a child. His young one's name was Aminah great son's term was Mohamad Zain. My family root started when one of Aminah's child i. e- Hassan married with his relation i. elizabeth Mohamed Zain's daughter by the name of Latifah and both of them happen to be my beloved parents. Normally, old folks at the material time prefer inter-related marriage for their kids in order to maintain the pride and the wealth of a family coming from leaking to the outsiders.

During that period, Islam impacts almost every aspects of life among the list of Malays and is also the foundation intended for Malay ethnical solidarity including the practice of polygamous marriage. A few of the villagers choose to married off their daughters to a Tok Guru as either the 2nd or third wife because they believed that Tok Master will information their daughter well. I actually still appreciated when my late father Allahyarham Ustadz Hassan Bin Mohamed Yasin still in, he told me that my personal grandfather had four wives or girlfriends and my personal grandmother was his second wife. This individual also stated that my grandpa was also called Tok Master and moved to Mecca to expand his understanding and passed away there. During the demise of my grandpa, my grandmother was still his wife while all the other spouses had either been single or predeceased my grandpa. On my mother side, the lady had several siblings and she was the only little girl in the family members. My mom is a very clever person and good with memories and numbers. Nevertheless being a lady she got only recently been allowed to end her institution up to regular six mainly because my granny believed that high learning opportunity ought not to be given to a female. Malay's mothers also like their boy to further their particular studies in to higher level of education. My later father has the opportunity to research in Mecca specifically in Arabic or Quran Dialect. This shows that the splendour of gender is also major among the Malay's family in terms of learning opportunity.

My parent was married to get 49 years and they have been completely blessed with six kids, three young boys and 3 girls. My spouse and i am all their fifth kids and I have been taught or educated regarding my own Malay cultures, my parents, family, and grandparents and in addition from my own Malay friends. These individuals actually affected me about how I see the world and relates with others at home and at businesses. I was 34 years old now and I consider a few of the values and ethics that my parent taught myself or descended to me are very much valuable and significant and insya Allah I will try to complete the same principles to my own children. Consequently , in this dissertation I will love to talk even more about the Malays beliefs that my family practices in our daily life.

a. Symbol in Malays Lifestyle

In Malays tradition, we have a large number of symbols that represent our ethnic such as by their community costume and dressing. For example , Malay's men normally have on songkok or perhaps ketayap if they want to go to mosque or during Hari Raya. Malays also prefer to wear sarong which for guys they known as it while kain pelekat whereas for ladies it is named as kain batik. My spouse and i still recalled last month I did...

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Interviews with family and relatives.



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