Climate and Topography Evaluation Essay

Local climate and Topography Analysis

December 17th, 2012


A large great number of various industries on this planet that are greatly affected by climate and their topography. This paper will be about five distinct industries including the food industry, tobacco industry, tourism market, animal market and the automotive industry. In order to run a successful organization, these two elements need to be stored into consideration. The meals industry is a very important factor all over the place around the world. Without food, individuals cannot endure and that is why it is vital that food production can continue. There are many factors that can affect the food industry in case, climate and topography. The world's local climate changes daily and that can provide major shifts in meals production. Based on where you are in this world, temperatures rise, rain is catagorized or there is simply not enough rain. In addition there are several all-natural disasters just like tsunamis, hefty storms, volcano eruptions, coastal flooding, and many others that can considerably affect plants. Crops are very sensitive to climate improvements which as well affect the dirt temperature and moisture amounts. The topography of an location for foodstuff is also extremely important because it affects the type of plant that can be grown; for example , rugged areas such in the mountains are not actually the best areas to grow crop with deep root base. On the other hand, coastal regions are generally a good crop to produce fruit and vegetables. Prairie areas are great for making grain due to the open space. These two elements can affect organization operations for the food industry because with climate in the way, it can considerably affect the revenue of the organization. Topography can also highly affect business businesses because without the right location, businesses defintely won't be able to expand proper plants that is sellable. Tobacco is definitely an gardening product that that stems from green, abundant plant that may be grown in warm weather. It can be used to smoke in a pipe, cigar or cigarette....

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