Business Integrity  Technology Essay


When going through the realm of business values and culture, one aspect that needs to be considered is definitely technology. We have a rapid embrace technological developments and the potential use of technology bringing up innovations that present ethical issues in a frontier yet to be discovered. Technology can bring with it various positive benefits, but also brings the possibility of undesirable effects. As this kind of paper examines, technology has spread throughout most business factors from computer systems and the Internet to natural issues such as cloning. The issues considered in this paper are divided into two categories: (1) information technology, and (2) biotechnology. Information technology comes with topics of invasion of privacy and computer technology at work. Biotechnology goes into concerns of bioethics, genetic executive, and genetically modified food. With the various topics mentioned in this daily news, it will hopefully provide a brief understanding of the entire issues working with technology.


Invasion of privacy and unethical business practices are a real matter for Internet surfers. Personal information and surfing patterns can be monitored and documented without the customer even being aware of it, just like the case of Google. com, the webs most popular search engine. " Basically, the e-mail accused Google of disseminating malware. ” " Google”, the message stated, " was using its toolbar application to gather reams details about the surfing practices of the planets PC users” (Metz, 2003). With these details, Adware can easily target you for pop-up ads, but it really doesn't gather personal information like name, cell phone numbers, or e-mail addresses.

In another case, Net job table Monster. com has warned its users of the fake task listings being utilized to steal information that is personal. " From time to time, false task postings happen to be listed on the web and used to intend to collect personal information from unsuspicious job seekers” (Geller, 2003). Unfortunately, it's simple to gain info from these kinds of job seekers. If a prospective employer requests information then the job seeker will provide that because it may help them get the job. Individuals that use Internet job panels should analysis companies thoroughly before they send them any personal information.

One way that personal information, including credit card quantities, can be protected on-line can be encryption. Security is a procedure for encoding messages before they will enter the network, then decoding them on the receiving end of the copy. A general public key is the most typical way security is used. A 3rd party certificate power like VeriSign verifies the fact that company you believe you're working with is the organization you happen to be dealing with. Encryption is one way to make certain safety for the Internet, but it's continue to not completely effective. Consumers must nonetheless use their best judgment when ever dealing with businesses on the Internet

Another way the privacy of those who use the internet here is penetrated and violated is through viruses. A virus dego?tant a computer software and while the program is operating, it duplicates itself, eating into memory space and kept information. Sooner or later, it will ruin computer software applications and even pass on to other systems. To combat viruses, corporations and buyers should set up virus security software within their computer. Such software delivers protection from existing viruses and may protect against upcoming attacks through various updates. Overall, people should be qualified not to available any kind of e-mail message and or attachments via unfamiliar options until they've been screened intended for viruses. Net privacy is additionally violated once impersonators get access to a computer system and then rob information, items, and funds from blameless consumers. This type of problem is especially evident in the event involving Internet web sites that want personal and credit card data...

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