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п»їWith all due value, if you simply had the perfect time to read the Philippine history and constitution then you will understand all of us. If you only know how many times the government got given these people a chance for a peace contract, you'll definitely understand us. If you only do your research from a different nation with related situations, then you'll also understand us. It can all about education. We have to enforce power against those who only wants bloodshed all over. For anyone who is fighting pertaining to something which you feel is the right after that no one is condemning you only put it in the humane method with no bombings and intense killings or even just killings. It's a sad real truth, but it can like similar to ISIS em. These people believed they are correct and perfect for fighting resistant to the world. They will thought it is really right and God's is going to to kill the unbelievers and state war on their very own non-Islam local communities. Take note, Isis is also fighting for their local rights. I really hope our special brothers in the south would never end up just like them. Milf and biff doing the brutal killings? I no longer see any right about that. Do you? Do anyone who claims you're struggling for your own terrirory supports that brutal killings?? Can anyone please justify the brutal killings?

you people do understand that war in mindanao is usually an subway business correct? no? sobrang tgal and ng gra?iuoju jan mas matanda pa sakin kung gusto talaga tapusin d ng gov. yan matgal ng ngwa yan. regrettably it will never end, possibly politicians are pulling strings for that war to never end, nkkinabang din cla jan. at recto gusto ng mga indocil hatiin ang pinas maging independent ang mindanao t luzon? malaking epekto sa economy ntin yan in lalo lng lalake hidwaan ng muslim at kristyano. wala n bng ibang sulosyon ang gobyerno ung permanente? wag taung mging ipokrito, im or her against warfare but if we wish a permanent option for this, you will have blood and all know it. if the gov let that one slip, it will eventually happen once again.

kung goce ng kapayapaan wag...

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