A Quality 7 Technology Project Regarding Pandas Article

They would. G. Bernard Public College

245 Bernard Method Richmond Hill, Ontario L4S 1E1

Thurs, March 3, 2011 Mister. World and Mrs. Community

3 Solar System Blvd.

Milky Way, Galaxy

Dear Mr. and Mrs. World,

Hello! I'm Judy. Now i am a grade seven pupil from a college called They would. G. Bernard Public Institution. I'm producing to you as to what we can do to help the endangered species. As you may know, individual activities within the last few decades have got put various species of animals in danger. I've recently carried out a research using one species of endangered animals, big pandas.

Giant pandas are one particular the least common mammals on the globe. Most of them live in the bamboo sheets forests within the mountains of middle China and tiawan They eat bamboo leaves and bamboo bedding stems, occasionally (if possible) they consume flowers and metals intended for snack (rarely). Giant pandas prefer to live alone, they rarely reveal territories however some don't have its own territory. They may be independent pets. They use most of their particular time ingesting because bamboo doesn't give enough calorie count of order pertaining to pandas to outlive. This is also the key reason why giant pandas " function overtime” during winters. Large pandas appears slow and clumsy but they are very strong and its particular claws are super razor-sharp, they also have forty two strong the teeth to chew hard bamboos. Adult pandas can add to 350 pounds and measure five and a half feet because it stands up. Huge pandas have got weak eye-sight but very nice hearing and smelling. Huge pandas possess thick furs to protect them from thorns, the slimy liquid for the thick fur make this waterproof, and they also have dark furs about their eye to protect them from the expression of the sunlight. During summers, giant pandas mostly feed on bamboo leaves and the remaining year, they also eat bamboo sheets...

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